Tracey Cardello Holistic Psychotherapy


Are you looking for a holistic solution to your mental health? Do you want a method that acknowledges your individual needs? A method that is tailored to your individual concerns? I know there are a lot of options for mental health treatment out there. I know that it takes a lot of courage to take the first step. Congratulations on taking this step. You’re doing your research and it’s no accident that you found your way here. I am a psychotherapist and mind, body healer in New York, and Florida. As a holistic therapist, I focus on the interconnectedness of mind, body, and soul. I practice a combination of traditional talk therapy and cutting-edge energy psychology. Please read my disclaimer. I see clients in my Jericho Long Island office and online. You can learn more about me here. I practice a dynamic blend of techniques to help you heal yourself, overcome self-destructive behavior, and reach your goals. I have advanced training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, EMDR, the Enneagram, NLP, timeline therapy, Ask and Receive, Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), HBLU (healing from the body level up), Reparenting, and the law of attraction. This is not your mother’s therapy.

I teach people to use their own inner wisdom to heal the places in their minds, bodies, and lives where energy has gotten blocked by trauma, phobias, depression, PTSD, eating disorders, relationship issues, break ups, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, chronic pain, personality disorders, anxiety, and other mental health issues. I teach you techniques that allow you to find the root cause of your issues and heal them.


Blending the best of conventional and alternative therapies

The holistic interventions of energy psychology allow you to find the hidden, underlying causes of mental health problems you may have come to accept as part of your biological makeup. Learn to use your feelings to guide you toward more adaptive behavior gently and naturally. Energy Psychology combines the most effective parts of eastern and western philosophy and technique. It is the blanket term for many different methods all based on a single idea. It is possible to reduce stress-causing hormones, normalize brainwave patterns, and bring the whole body back into a state of health.


Energy psychology is well studied.

There are over 300 articles and studies that have demonstrated the real-world benefits of energy psychology. Cutting edge neuroscience research is proving that our beliefs, behavior, and environment influence our biology. Our fate is not predetermined by our biology or our history. Energy psychology embraces these principals. It incorporates techniques that use the mind-body relationship to heal and transform you. The term “psychology” is used generically here. It refers to the study of the human mind; the energetic effects on the mind and the energy field within and around the body, mind, and soul. It is not meant to refer to the practice of professional psychology, the practice of psychotherapy, or any other licensed mental health profession.


Are you ready for a transformation? This cutting edge therapy can help you:

  • Heal from trauma
  • Overcome depression and anxiety
  • Have more satisfying relationships
  • Develop confidence and leadership skills
  • Recover from eating disorders, phobias, and PTSD
  • Rediscover a passion for your career and hobbies
  • Overcome procrastination and be more motivated and driven
  • Get in the flow
  • Regain your creativity
  • Achieve lasting weight loss without deprivation
  • Take control of your finances and make more money
  • Love yourself and grow into the best version of you


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