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  • blogger describes her journey through holistic psychotherapy

    What it means to do the work

    My most recent experience in therapy has taught me the value of trusting myself. Rather than seeking gratification and responses from the external world, I learned the value of accessing wisdom from within. Through therapy, I have learned the intrinsic importance of meeting yourself where you are.

  • woman with depression because of infidelity in her relationship

    Is holding a grudge really that bad?

    HBLU allows you to find the reactions you may not be aware of and correct them in a matter of minutes. This allows a deep level of understanding and shifts the way you feel about your experience. Healing occurs on the conscious, unconscious, body and soul level of your being and symptoms disappear. Symptoms are your body’s alarm system telling you that one thing is wrong. Many therapies simply teach you to cope with symptoms, or use medication to mask symptoms. HBLU interviews the symptom, uses muscle testing to find the root cause of it and heals it with a corrective, energetic intervention. You know an issue is clear when…

  • survive holiday food stress

    Surviving holiday stress

    ‘Tis the season… To be stressed out! The sights and sounds of the holidays are everywhere. Christmas music fills your ears in every store, office and radio station. Holiday treats abound, and there are festive parties and gatherings on everyone’s calendar. All this merriment can give a person some serious stress. There are lots of stressors this time of year. The late nights parties, less sleep, rich food, alcohol and sweets push your immune system into overdrive. Environmental stresses like traffic, crowded malls, finding the perfect gifts, overspending, and family push your body to its limit. It seems like everyone is in a rush. There’s barely enough time to get…

  • symptoms of loneliness

    Beat holiday loneliness

    The holidays carry expectations of happiness, joy, love, and togetherness, but that’s not the case for everyone. Being alone in a new city, coming out with a long-held secret to family, or a recent breakup or death, can all cause you to be or feel alone. Empty nesters and the elderly are often alone. Loneliness doesn’t have one single cause, nor is it the same for everyone. Holiday movies and music are a constant reminder of the blissful happiness we are missing. It looks like love is all around us. Holiday parties and family gatherings are on everyone’s calendar, but yours. For many people, it’s a cruel illusion. Social media,…

  • Depression

    Dealing with Depression and the Feelings?

    Important facts you need to know about depression treatment, depression therapies and finding a therapist. Being depressed is something like surrounded by a dark shadow, but even the most severe depression may be treated. If you think you are depressed and depression is preventing you to live a healthy life, then you should take help. You need to know about the various treatment options, and only then, right choices can be made. From lifestyle changes to therapies to medication, there are many ways of treating depression. You will feel happy, hopeful and will seem to restore your life once again. Since no two kinds of depression are the same, there…

  • Suicide Thoughts

    Suicide Within the Middle Aged Population

    The following is a guest blog post from Jennifer Scott of Suicide is an issue that affects people of all ages and socioeconomic groups. Many people often think of teens when they think of at-risk populations for suicide, but the middle-aged and baby boomer populations are increasingly at risk. Issues related to finances, depression, and substance abuse are often involved in the increased risk within this group, but resources for help and prevention are available. Reach out immediately for help if someone is considering suicide Do you know someone thinking about Suicide? If you or someone you care about is thinking about suicide, it is critical to reaching out…

  • 13 reasons why

    Suicide and 13 Reasons Why

    The Netflix series 13 Reasons Why takes an in-depth look at the teenage experience and teen suicide. 13 Reasons Why isn’t just about suicide but it might as well be. I recently took some time out to watch the series and read the book because it had stirred up so my buzz in my Long Island practice. Relationships are messy; especially for teenagers. For them, every combination of relationship is new territory. Peers, adversaries, authorities and love relationships all present their unique structure and challenges. Experience teaches you how to navigate relationships, but teens are experiencing everything for the first time. Each new experience is wrought with emotion, perception, wishes,…