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    Dieting and Weight loss with HBLU

    Yo yo dieting Yo-yo dieting is a part of many eating disorders. It is particularly painful and damaging to self-esteem because, like gambling, with each win, you feel a chemical rush of happiness, satisfaction, and elation, and with each loss, your self-esteem crumbles under the weight of critical internal voices that say it’s your fault. The allure of dieting is a seductive one. Relinquish control to these rules, and victory will be yours. People who have been caught in the dieting net often feel relief to give up food in favor of shakes, prepackaged meals, personal trainers, and even body-altering surgery. Being overweight is a societal stigma that can’t be…

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    Is holding a grudge really that bad?

    HBLU allows you to find the reactions you may not be aware of and correct them in a matter of minutes. This allows a deep level of understanding and shifts the way you feel about your experience. Healing occurs on the conscious, unconscious, body and soul level of your being and symptoms disappear. Symptoms are your body’s alarm system telling you that one thing is wrong. Many therapies simply teach you to cope with symptoms, or use medication to mask symptoms. HBLU interviews the symptom, uses muscle testing to find the root cause of it and heals it with a corrective, energetic intervention. You know an issue is clear when…

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    Healing from the body level up/ mind body healing

    HBLU is a revolutionary mind-body healing method that leads you to greater insight into your behavior, a deeper understanding of your prevailing worldview and ultimately profound acceptance of who you are. This is not a healing method that is done to you. It is one that you do for yourself with the help of your inner wisdom and guidance from a lovingly collected list of the most common interference patterns. Experience change in a single session. Because you will be self muscle-testing, you will be able to access wisdom from your body and unconscious mind and your intuition. I do not touch you so you will feel answers switch from…

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    Beat depression naturally

    Are you looking for a natural way to treat depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems? People ask me why I switched from studying and practicing psychoanalytic psychotherapy to energy psychology and HBLU. The simplest answer is that I saw the improvements it makes in my life and the lives of people close to me. I love psychology. I love what I do and I love to help people. I love to see results that are fast, easy, replicable and permanent. My Journey In 2000 I saw Francine Shapiro give a keynote address about EMDR at the Renfrew Centers annual eating disorder conference. She presented 2 cases and showed a video…

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    HBLU and the structure of trauma

    I watched for the better part of two years as the Tappan Zee bridge was replaced. The parts for the new bridge were assembled and the structure was created from deep under the water. Layer upon layer was added until the structure was capable of allowing its first passenger vehicles. It was finally complete and with the same painstaking attention to structure, the old bridge was disassembled and removed until not a trace of its existence is left. HBLU is groundbreaking in its ability to map out and dismantle the structure of trauma. Judith Swack published her first paper on the structure of trauma in 1994. She recognized that most…

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    HBLU for trauma therapy

    I have practiced trauma therapy for almost two decades. Clients who have worked with me over the last 3 years have heard me talk about HBLU for trauma therapy and more. Many of my clients have tried it and experienced the positive results and lasting benefits. People have seen their lives improve. I realize that HBLU or “Healing from the body level up” is not yet a household name, but it should be. I became a therapist because therapy helped me as a child. I studied psychodynamic psychotherapy because that was the background of the therapists who helped me the most. Throughout my career, I have loved learning about human…

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    Heal with HBLU therapy

    Healing from the Body Level Up HBLU People engage in talk therapy to relieve uncomfortable emotional and physical feelings. In many cases they want to heal from trauma. They may suffer from minor or “small t” trauma or “large T” traumas. Because the mind and body are inexplicably connected, people who are depressed or anxious, often have changes in sleep patterns, unexplained fatigue, pain, headaches, or even disruption in their relationships. It’s not uncommon for people to turn to drugs or alcohol to treat the symptoms of their problems, yet this only further complicates their situations with self-destructive addictions. Feel Better and Live a More Productive Life My clients want…