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  • blogger describes her journey through holistic psychotherapy

    What it means to do the work

    My most recent experience in therapy has taught me the value of trusting myself. Rather than seeking gratification and responses from the external world, I learned the value of accessing wisdom from within. Through therapy, I have learned the intrinsic importance of meeting yourself where you are.

  • survive holiday food stress

    Surviving holiday stress

    ‘Tis the season… To be stressed out! The sights and sounds of the holidays are everywhere. Christmas music fills your ears in every store, office and radio station. Holiday treats abound, and there are festive parties and gatherings on everyone’s calendar. All this merriment can give a person some serious stress. There are lots of stressors this time of year. The late nights parties, less sleep, rich food, alcohol and sweets push your immune system into overdrive. Environmental stresses like traffic, crowded malls, finding the perfect gifts, overspending, and family push your body to its limit. It seems like everyone is in a rush. There’s barely enough time to get…

  • secure couple

    Adult attachment and relationships

    The quality of adult relationships hinges on a number of factors including adult attachment. Do you ever look at the couples around you and wonder how they stay together? I’m impressed by couples who seem to navigate life’s ups and downs with grace and commitment to their relationship. A lot of couples aren’t so happy. Many have a difficult time because of outside circumstances or situations of their own making. Relationships are hard because we each bring our own unique perspective and psychology to them. We each believe our perspective is the correct one and we each feel like what we give is more significant than what we get in…

  • mental health awareness month

    Mental health awareness blog 3

    May is mental health awareness month This is the last installment of the three-part blog series. If you’ve been following along, you’re up to 20 days of creative self-care and happiness boosting suggestions. For more information about therapy with Tracey… 20. Stop putting so much weight on other peoples’ opinion of you. What people think has more to do with them than it does with you. Be a trailblazer. 21. Clear the air. Burn sage to clear out old stuffy energy. 22. Stop saying you can’t. You don’t have to justify your situation. You face many challenges in life. Don’t hang onto your limitations. 23. Meditate every day. Just 10…

  • mental health awareness month

    Mental health awareness blog 2 keep the care going.

    Happy ongoing mental health awareness. All month I’ve been talking with people about adding self-care to their routine. We’re in the 3rd installment of my blogs for mental health awareness month and I’m happy to say that clients are saying they feel better having a daily task that’s all about them. 9. Say a positive affirmation. An affirmation is a thought you want to believe but don’t. Start with something manageable like “I am becoming the person I want to be.” Or “things are always working out for me.” You can add and make adjustments as you go. 10. Start your morning with a big glass of cold water. Hydrate…

  • change

    Change is inevitable and you can grown from it

    The only this that is certain in this life is change. I recently read an article that said all of the Buddhist teachings could be summed up in two words. “Everything changes”. The harder you resist change, the more you suffer. Be flexible and embrace change, and your life becomes infinitely easier. A lot of people are uncomfortable with uncertainty. As a result, they struggle to feel a greater sense of control over their lives. They feel more secure knowing what to expect from every day and every situation. This need to be in control can range from subtle and easy to manage, to highly difficult to live with. Often,…

  • News

    Why forgiveness matters.

    “Forgive and forget” is one of the most widely used platitudes. It is simple advice taught to children but rarely followed by adults. Adults always find a way to avoid or explain away the need for one or both parts. We avoid forgiveness in order to maintain our sense of righteous indignation. We avoid forgetting in order to stay safe from future slights or assaults. Or so we think… I spoke to my cousin after a very long estrangement. My parents had ended their relationship with her many years before and were against my reunion. Then, a huge tragedy rocked my family and she wanted to be included. My father…

  • HBLU_tlc_wellness

    HBLU for trauma therapy

    I have practiced trauma therapy for almost two decades. Clients who have worked with me over the last 3 years have heard me talk about HBLU for trauma therapy and more. Many of my clients have tried it and experienced the positive results and lasting benefits. People have seen their lives improve. I realize that HBLU or “Healing from the body level up” is not yet a household name, but it should be. I became a therapist because therapy helped me as a child. I studied psychodynamic psychotherapy because that was the background of the therapists who helped me the most. Throughout my career, I have loved learning about human…